Our  highly-trained firefighters attend incidents ranging from road and rail accidents to fuel and chemical spills, aviation and waterway accidents, collapsed buildings, large animal rescues and, of course, fires.

Last year, we answered around 14,000 emergency calls and attended around 6,300 emergencies, including over 400 serious traffic collisions.

Emergency Response

When a 999 call is received at the Control room, the response is instantaneous. Appropriate resources are immediately deployed, with our fleet of emergency vehicles carrying firefighters and a huge range of equipment straight to the scene of the incident. Please note that phone calls received will be recorded for training and operational purposes.

We maintain a number of specialist vehicles such as the Chemical Incident Unit, Incident Control Unit, Water & Animal Rescue Unit, Aerial Ladder Platform and Hydraulic Platform – all designed to cope with any eventuality.

Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Our firefighters train regularly for a wide range of demanding scenarios, in addition to their daily duties. If you think that you’ve got what it takes to be a firefighter then take a look at our ‘Working With Us‘ page.

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service works hard to try and prevent such incidents happening in the first place and devotes much effort to community safety initiatives, working with partner organisations, including local authorities, the police and ambulance service to educate and inform people about a range of safety issues.

We work with businesses to train managers and staff how to reduce the risk of fire and how to ensure premises are as safe as possible.