Our aim

Part of our aim to create a safer Berkshire is to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on our roads.

Statistically, young drivers are the most at risk on our roads. They are more likely to kill or injure themselves,  their passengers and other road users in crashes. They often have a tendency to drive too quickly, to overestimate their driving ability, and can be vulnerable to peer pressure and risk-taking.

We work with Thames Valley Police, local authorities and road safety organisations to help young people understand the risks they will be faced with on the road and what they can do to avoid them. Our firefighters also hold demonstrations at schools and colleges to deliver safety messages.

 Safe Drive, Stay Alive

We also take part in Safe Drive, Stay Alive, an innovative film and theatre event that explores the circumstances that can lead to a road traffic collision and the consequences that follow.

This hard-hitting event brings home the real dangers of careless driving in a very vivid way. For more information, visit www.safedrive.org.uk

We believe that helping people to understand road safety can literally mean the difference between life and death.