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Wokingham (Station 10)


29/03/2016 – Wokingham Fire Station will be opening it’s doors for a fun-filled open day in aid of The Fire Fighters Charity on 16 August! We will be posting more details shortly so keep an eye out!

06/01/2016 – Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS) is looking for volunteers to work alongside local fire crews to help improve the safety of the most vulnerable people in the community. 

Based at Wokingham Fire Station, volunteers will assist RBFRS with a range of services, including helping to provide home fire safety checks and delivering vital safety messages. If you’re interested then please get in touch: stn10co@rbfrs.co.uk

Wokingham (Station 10)

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Wokingham is the most recent fire station to be built across the county. It was opened in September 2011.

The station took 11 months to build and had a £1.5 million investment. The building project involved the demolition of the two existing Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service owned houses and replaced the old station on a neighbouring site in Denton Road, which had only provided daytime cover for the town.

The station is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible in order to reduce operating costs. It has solar panels, automatic lights and collects rain water to recycle and use within the fire station.

The station generates an income from the solar panels as well as the drill tower which is leased to a telecommunications company. Savings on the cost of water usage also contribute to providing a cost effective operational fire station.

A time capsule was buried during construction containing photographs, information on Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, a breathing apparatus tally and a firefighter’s uniform shirt.

The fire station boasts two appliance bays, as well as an on-site lecture room which provides a facility for members of the community and an opportunity to interact with staff at the station.

Station Manager Alan Battman

Station Manager: Alan Battman

Alan has been with Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS) for 26 years and this is his second stint as Station Manager following a period at Maidenhead in 2013.

He joined RBFRS in March 1989, serving at Newbury, Wokingham Road and Reading, as a firefighter and Crew Manager before moving to Community Safety in 2007 in his first Watch Manager role.

This was swiftly followed by four years in the Service’s Central Team and two years at Green Watch Slough as Watch Manager. A move to Wokingham Fire Station allows Alan to develop into a Station Command role.

Alan has been commended for his project work, Station Command and Incident Management roles, and is currently working on his Graduate Membership to the Institute of Fire Engineers.

Co-Responding at Wokingham Fire Station

Wokingham Fire Station was recently  joined by Station Manager James who spent a tour riding with them in preparation for his new role as co-responder. Read below to find out what he thought about his time with Wokingham Fire Station. 

wokingham co-repsonding

Photo credit: Firefighter Philip Winter

“So having had my training, the very next day I started to attend medical calls with Wokingham Fire Station on a Friday evening.  I was nervous and anxious as many other firefighters have been when starting out co-responding as it is certainly out of the normal comfort zone.

My first incident was a lady showing signs of having had a stroke and being with Wokingham fire crews, I was able to watch and learn how they approached these incidents and also looked after the patients.  It was certainly very different and by the Monday morning, I had attended over 20 medical calls and had attended such a wide range of incidents from more stroke patients, to falls, chest pains, a hanging, some very young children and many people suffering breathing difficulties.

I have learnt so much already and Wokingham crews allowed me to start leading on a few of them which again was a new experience.  Without a doubt, this is a good thing to do from one human being to another.  Quite a lot of my concerns before I did this were simply not played out in real life but there were other experiences that I wasn’t expecting such as the emotional impact, the intensity of some of the calls and the sheer amount we attended.  I was very tired on the Monday. At the beginning of the month, Wokingham crews had attended over 350 medical calls which again shows how busy the Ambulance Service is.

I am now looking forward to going out on my own, once again I am anxious and nervous about that but it is so important to go out and get the facts for any future plan, but even more important to get better, learn more to help the public and support our colleagues in the Ambulance Service.

I cannot thank all the crews at Wokingham Fire Station enough for looking after me and supporting me in those first few days.”

Wokingham fire station
Crews: Wholetime
Opened: 2011
Appliances: 1x fire engine
Address: Easthampstead Road, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 2EH
Accessibility Wokingham Fire Station has step free access on site. There is a fully accessible toilet on site.