Step Two: Ability Tests

As part of the wholetime recruitment process, you will be required to complete the following three online ability assessments:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Mechanical Reasoning

Numerical Reasoning: Questions will ask candidates to interpret and analyse numerical information that is presented to them either in a graph, a table or a short passage. To correctly work out the answer,candidates will be required to calculate basic numerical equations that are equivalent to GCSE level. The questions will be constructed in such a way that candidates will first have to consider how the problem can be solved and to identify the correct information necessary to do so, before performing the calculations. Candidates will be allowed the use of a calculator.

Verbal Reasoning: Questions will be presented as short passages of information about a specific topic. Candidates will be asked whether certain statements can be deemed true, false or not possible to say, based solely on the information provided. All prior knowledge should be disregarded for the purpose of these questions, as they aim to assess the candidate’s innate ability to interpret and evaluate verbal information.

Mechanical Reasoning: Questions will comprise images and contain very little text. Candidates will be required to apply cognitive reasoning to mechanical, physical and practical concepts in order to solve related problems. Again, prior knowledge is not necessarily required as these tests assess innate cognitive ability.

Below are links to practice tests that can be utilised for preparation purposes.

At the beginning of each practice test Instructions will be displayed so please ensure you read and understand these. Please note you will only receive a score at the end, you will not be provided with answers to any questions you may have answered correctly or incorrectly.

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service is committed to equality of opportunity. If you would like information on the reasonable adjustments that can be made at this stage of the application process, please contact