Theale Community Fire Station

Artist's illustration of the outside of Theale Community Fire Station once it is built
17 December 2019

Plans to build Theale Community Fire Station have been given the green light by Royal Berkshire Fire Authority. Visit our Theale news item to find out more. 

10 January 2020

Explore plans for Theale Community Fire Station. We have published a short walkthrough video. This video shows the station’s key features.

Theale Community Fire Station progress - end of July 2020
Theale Fire Station July 2020

7 September 2020

While following the Government’s social distancing guidelines, contractors have made huge progress on the new Theale Community Fire Station over the past few months! Recent developments include: 

  • An estimated 16,000 tonnes of excess earth has been removed from the site to create the platform that the station will be built on.
  • A piling rig has drilled 20 meter deep holes into the ground which were filled with high strength concrete to form the station’s foundations.
  • Draining works and a storage system for rainwater and surface water has been installed.

The next major works are underway, including the installation of superstructure steel structures, meaning the station will start taking shape!