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Adam French, Watch Manager

Home Careers Adam French, Watch Manager

  • Joined the Service in January 2020
  • Watch Manager in Training and Development

As part of our Wholetime Firefighter Apprentice recruitment campaign, we’re asking some of our current staff for their experience of the job.

We will be featuring some of our newer recruits, as well as those who have worked in the fire and rescue service for many years.

Adam joined Newbury Green Watch as a Firefighter for about two years, then moved to Caversham Road for just over a year and a half. Following another short spell at Newbury, he moved into his current role as Watch Manager for Training and Development role.

What first inspired you to become a firefighter?

I was a teacher for several years because it was so important to me that I did something that helped people, and made a positive difference. It then occurred to me that a career in the fire service would enable me to help even more people, and perhaps even save a few lives!

What was your best memory of your training course?

Trying to work out how to resolve an internally flooded building, failing miserably, and getting absolutely drenched in the process.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Making a genuine positive difference to real people living real lives.

Any words of advice for someone considering applying to be a firefighter with us?

With the right motivation and ambition, there is no limit to the skillset you can obtain as a firefighter, or where you can go with it.