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Felicity Screen, Crew Manager

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Firefighter pointing at a car after a crash
  • Joined the Service in 2017
  • Crew Manager at Slough Fire Station

As part of our Wholetime Firefighter Apprentice recruitment campaign, we’re asking some of our current staff for their experience of the job.

We will be featuring some of our newer recruits, as well as those who have worked in the fire and rescue service for many years.

Felicity joined RBFRS in 2017 as a wholetime firefighter at Slough Fire Station before transferring to Caversham Road Fire Station and then the Learning and Development Team in 2020. We asked Felicity a few questions about her career in the fire and rescue service so far.

What first inspired you to become a firefighter?

My first career was in the Armed forces, I was drawn towards being a firefighter from an early age but life took me in another direction. When leaving the services I knew I wanted a physical job where I was able to help and rescue people; and I revisited the initial plan. I was inspired by having been able to deliver lifesaving assistance and wanted a career along those lines.

What was your best memory of your training course?

There are so many! The two that stand out are the first time I searched a building looking for casualties and to make an attack on the fire, we had trained so hard and this initial drill enabled me to put what I had learned into practice, it was a great learning experience.  

My initial water rescue course is another great memory, I absolutely loved it right from day 1. We learned a number of ways to rescue people from water and were able to practice this at a white water rafting centre. After this course I went onto train to the next level.    

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I really enjoy attending incidents to help and rescue people – the core part of the job. It’s the variety of incidents & the different approach to solve them, working as a crew & sometimes with other agencies to bring people to safety.

Any words of advice for someone considering applying to be a firefighter with us

Go for it! All of the recruitment information is on the RBFRS website – take the time to understand the organisation – this will help you at interview. Train for the physical tests & when you write your application try to give answers from a variety of areas in your life. Visit a station to say hello & ask questions & attend a Have a Go day. Good luck.