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Ryan Tye, Firefighter

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Ryan Tye, Firefighter
  • Joined the Service in February 2023
  • Based at Langley Fire Station

As part of our Wholetime Firefighter Apprentice recruitment campaign, we’re asking some of our current wholetime firefighters for their experience of the job.

We will be featuring some of our newer recruits, as well as those who have worked in the fire and rescue service for many years.

Ryan Tye graduated as part of our latest group of Wholetime Firefighter Apprentices, before joining Langley Fire Station. We asked Ryan a few questions about his journey in becoming a firefighter so far.

What first inspired you to become a firefighter?

I decided to become a firefighter after being fixated on the TV programmes Fireman Sam and London’s Burning as a child. I also visited fire stations around Berkshire and London on weekends and half terms and so this was a dream I wanted to live. Most importantly, the reason I joined was to make a difference within the community and to help people during the toughest times of their lives.

What was your best memory of your training course?

When we completed training exercises wearing breathing apparatus both in RBFRS and at the Fire Service College. This tested me both physically and mentally!

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Engaging with the community, enjoying the variety of different shouts (emergency call outs), training and drilling. I’m currently part of the crew riding the back of the pump (fire engine) wanting to continuously strive to be better and learn more.

Any words of advice for someone considering applying to be a firefighter with us?

Never give up, it’s tough and challenging but so rewarding. Everyday is different but what makes it special is we are just ordinary people trying to make a difference at time when the public need us the most.