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We are committed to delivering value for money across the services we provide. During 2022-23 our funding comes from three sources:

  • Council Tax: 69%
  • Central Government Funding: 22%
  • Business Rates: 9%

In terms of financial support from the Government, the Authority was expecting a multi-year settlement for 2022-23. The Government decided on a one-year rollover of funding when it announced the Settlement Funding Assessment for local government. Our Settlement Funding Assessment (SFA) for 2022-23 increased by just 0.97%, which equates to an extra £101,000. The SFA comprises Revenue Support Grant, Business Rates Top-up Grant and the Government’s estimate of our share of Berkshire business rates.

Our Efficiency Plan has now delivered £2.4m of savings since 2016-17. Officers are continually looking at how the service provided to the public can be more efficient and effective.

We were granted precept flexibility by the Government for 2022-23, enabling the band D precept to be increased by £5 (7.25%). We remain in the lowest quartile of precepting Fire Authorities in the country. The average band D householder in Berkshire pays £73.95 per year for their Fire and Rescue Service. At just under £1.42 per week we think this represents excellent value to the people we serve.

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