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Long journeys

Plan your trip

  • Plan ahead before making a longer journey, so you can prepare for any potential delays and avoid roadworks.

Prepare your vehicle

  • Check the condition of your tyres, and your tyre pressures, before embarking on a long journey, using the car, caravan or trailer’s manual as a guide.
  • All four tyres should have at least 3mm of tread and should be inflated to the correct pressure – this is vital to maintaining good grip in wet and even icy conditions.
  • Ensure you have enough fuel for your journey. Cars use more fuel in heavy traffic and start/stop conditions.
  • Check your oil level before setting off and top up when necessary to reduce the chances of overheating in traffic.
  • Ensure that your lights are working correctly.
  • Top-up your windscreen washer fluid by using a good quality screenwash and ensure the wipers are working correctly.

Ensure you have

  • First aid kit;
  • Warning triangle;
  • A high visibility vest/jacket;
  • A fire extinguisher;
  • An empty fuel can;
  • Additional engine oil and water (for topping up);
  • A light bulb kit;
  • An up-to-date road map or sat-nav;
  • A fully charged mobile phone and ideally an in-car mobile phone charger;
  • Take plenty of water and refreshments and take regular breaks.