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Motorbike Safety


Apart from helmets there is no law that requires a rider to wear protective clothing whilst riding a motorcycle. But wearing the right protective gear can protect riders from serious injury so should be strongly recommended. Like helmets there is a trade in fake, substandard or counterfeit goods.

Motorcycle clothing that is designed to protect you in an impact or slide is classed as PPE and must comply with safety regulations and carry a safety mark (CE, UKCA or UKNI), ratings for the level of protection and user information and warnings. It will also have a rating from AAA (highest level of protection) to B (urban riding without impact protection)

Bike Maintenance

Whether you ride your motorcycle every day or you’re getting ready to take to the road as the weather improves, maintenance of your bike is important to help you ride safely and legally.

P.O.W.D.E.R.S check can help keep you safe

  • Petrol – Check you have enough fuel for your journey to prevent breakdowns and putting yourself or others at risk.
  • Oil – Reservoirs have upper and lower marks, and the oil level is usually checkable via a window in the engine casing if not use a dipstick to check.
  • Ensure your motorcycle parked upright on level ground. The correct oil level will prevent your engine seizing up.
  • Water – Check coolant levels keep them topped up, running out of coolant can cause your engine to overheat which will damage your motorcycle.
  • Damage/Drive chain – Check the motorcycle over for any signs of damage this includes checking for chain tension and lubrication and damage to sprocket teeth. If your bike has a belt rather than chain, you should check for signs of damage such as cracking and drying.
  • Electrics – Check all lights including brakes and indicators are all working. Check cables are secure, and they or termination points are not worn as this can lead to failure of systems such as clutch, brakes or lighting.
  • Rubber – Check your tyres once a week. Check tyre pressure when your tyres are cold and ensure they are set at the correct pressure as recommended by the manufacturer.

    Over inflated motorcycle tyres can affect road grip and under inflated can cause problems with braking and handling. Look for cracks, bulges or objects embedded in the tread. Make sure your tyres are wearing evenly, if they’re not your tyre pressures may be incorrect, or wheel assembly may be incorrectly balanced.

    Ensure tyres are clean and free of oil and grease, wash them with the detergent if necessary. Check your tyre tread depth. It must be no less than 1mm around the circumference of the middle three quarters of the tyre.
  • Self – Make sure you are fit to drive, not tired or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any medicines which may affect your riding. Plan your route especially if you are taking your motorcycle out on a longer ride and make sure you take frequent breaks.

Be Seen

Being seen isn’t just about dressing from head to foot in Day-Glo yellow or fitting more lights to your bike than a Mod’s scooter has mirrors!
It’s about considering, before the start of the journey, the environments you will be riding in.

What may get you noticed in a busy city street may not have the same visibility enhancing qualities as the gear you may wear on late summers evening when scratching around on those idyllic country lanes.Standing out has never been about merging in with the crowd, dress to be different to the background but also try to present solid blocks of colour so your silhouette is easily recognisable at a glance.

Consider the environment, background, light conditions, and colour clash to background potential.