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Recommendation 27

Values and Culture in Fire and Rescue Services

Recommendation 27: 

By 1 June 2023, chief fire officers should make sure their equality impact assessments are fit for purpose and, as a minimum, meet the requirements of the National Fire Chiefs Council equality impact assessment toolkit.​ 

RBFRS action: RBFRS Equality Impact Assessments were reviewed in 2021. A new template was developed and is reviewed annually or when a change is identified. The EIA template includes the sections outlined in the NFCC template in addition to further detail. In addition to the 9 protected characteristics, our template also includes sections for people in different family circumstances, different social circumstances, different employee groups as well as considerations to those unemployed, homeless, and health and wellbeing implications.  

The template includes sections on further research, summary of assessment, maintenance of positive/neutral impacts and an action plan. We have an EIA E-Learning package. 

Action: Complete