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Values and Culture in Fire and Rescue Services

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Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Progress So Far

In March 2023, HMICFRS produced the ‘Values and culture in fire and rescue services’ report which contained 35 recommendations.​ 

​ Twenty of these recommendations were directed at Fire and Rescue Services, and are the ones addressed and commented on in this progress report.​ The remaining 15 recommendations were directed at external bodies such as the Local Government Association, the Home Office and National Fire Chief’s Council. As a result, we are unable to progress these locally.​ 

In our 2024 review, we have completed 13 of the recommendations assigned to us as Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service with a further 6 in progress.​

Our progress will be reviewed annually, the next review will take place in April 2025.

List of Recommendations

Use this table to navigate to each recommendation or click the red button to read them in order.

Recommendation 1Recommendation 21
Recommendation 3Recommendation 22
Recommendation 4Recommendation 23
Recommendation 5Recommendation 24
Recommendation 9Recommendation 26
Recommendation 12Recommendation 27
Recommendation 14Recommendation 28
Recommendation 17Recommendation 32
Recommendation 18Recommendation 33
Recommendation 20Recommendation 34