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Camping is a lot of fun but also a big responsibility. Be safe when you’re camping to help prevent wildfires.


  • Set up tents at least six metres apart and away from parked cars;
  • Make sure you know what the fire arrangements on the camp site are and where the nearest telephone is;
  • Avoid open fires in the countryside – only use barbecues in designated areas and never leave them unattended;
  • Place your cooking area well away from the tent;
  • Keep your cooking areas clear of items that catch fire easily for example long, dry grass;
  • Put cooking appliances in a place where they can’t easily be knocked over;
  • Keep matches, lighters, flammable liquids and gas cylinders out of the reach of children;
  • Have an escape plan and be prepared to cut your way out of your tent if there is a fire;
  • Do not use candles in or near a tent – use a torch instead;
  • Do not smoke inside a tent;
  • Do not leave glass bottles lying around – sunlight shining through glass can start a fire.

Gas Cylinders

  • Make sure the tap is turned off before changing the gas cylinder;
  • Never smoke whilst changing your gas cylinder;
  • If you suspect a leak, turn off the gas cylinder and try brushing soapy water around all joints, watching for bubbles.