Publications Scheme

Under the Freedom of Information Act, public authorities are required to adopt a Model Publication Scheme drawn up by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). This sets out the kind of information which the ICO expects to be available for a public body such as Royal Berkshire Fire Authority (RBFA), as defined in the “Definition Document for Joint Authorities and Boards in Part II of Schedule I of the Freedom of Information Act 2000”.

This information guide details what information authorities are committed to publishing routinely so that the information is readily available to the public quickly and easily, for example via a website.

The ICO would expect this information to be made available unless:

  • The information is not held.
  • The information is exempt under one of the Freedom of Information (FOI) or Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) exemptions or its release is prohibited under another statute.
  • The information is archived, out of date or otherwise inaccessible.
  • It would be impractical or resource-intensive to prepare the material for routine release.

The following sections indicate the current availability of RBFA and Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS) information made available under this publication scheme.

  • Who We Are and What We Do

Who We Are  

  1. About Us
  2. Fire Authority

  Our Organisation

  1. About Us
  2. Fire Authority Structure
  3. Organisational Structure

  Contact Information

  1. Contact Us
  2. Fire Authority
  3. Fire Safety Offices
  4. Freedom of Information

  Geographical Area of Operation

  1. Fire Stations

  General outline of responsibilities 

  1. Fire Authority
  2. Our Commitments

  Relationship with Other Authorities

  1. Thames Valley Fire Control Service 


  • What We Spend and How We Spend It

Summary of Revenue Budget Estimates and Capital Expenditure Plans

  1. Financial Transparency
  2. Our Performance 

  Annual Statement of Accounts

  1. Statement of Accounts

  Local Transparency 

  1. Transparency and Governance

  Financial Audit Reports

  1. Audits

  Staff Pay and Grading Structure

  1. Staffing Transparency
  2. Wholetime Firefighter
  3. On-Call (Retained) Firefighter
  4. Control Staff
  5. Support Staff

  Expenses paid or incurred by Authority Members and Senior Officers

  1. Statement of Accounts 
  2. Financial Transparency

  3. Fire Authority

  Procurement Procedures

  1. Selling to RBFRS

  List of Contracts and Value

  1. Contracts Register

  Internal Financial Regulation and Delegated Authority

  1. Fire Authority Governance and Allowances
  2. Pay Policy Statement
  3. Statement of Assurance

  • Our Priorities and How We Are Doing

Strategic Plan, Business Plan, Aims and Objectives

  1. Annual Plan
  2. Corporate Plan and Integrated Risk Management Plan 2015-19 
  3. Calculating Risk

Reports: Service Provision, Performance Assessments, Operational Assessments

  1. Annual Report
  2. Annual Statement of Assurance 2016/17
  3. Quarterly Performance Reports

  Reports by External Inspectors

  1. Peer Challenge

  Joint Strategies

  1. Fire Authority 
  2. Thames Valley Fire Control Service (TVFCS)

  Statistical Information

  1. Our Performance

  2. Managing Risk

  • How We Make Decisions

Schedule of Meetings Open to the Public

  1. Fire Authority Meetings

  Agendas and Approved Minutes of the Authority and Authority Sub-committees 

  1. Fire Authority Meetings (agendas and minutes)

  Background Papers for Meetings Open to the Public

  1. Fire Authority Meetings (reports)
  2. Five Year Plan (IRMP)

  Facts and Analyses of Facts Used for Decision Making

  1. Calculating Risk
  2. Our Performance 

  Public Consultations

  1.   Consultation 


  • Our Policies and Procedures

Policy and Procedures for the Conduct of Authority Business 

  1. Fire Authority - Code of Conduct

 Policy and Procedures for the Provision of Services

  1. Fire Authority Governance and Allowances
  2. Freedom of Information
  3. Water Companies Memorandum of Understanding

 Policy and Procedures about the Employment of Staff

  1. Careers
  2. Transparency and Governance

 Customer Service

  1. Fire Authority (complaints)
  2. Contact Us (how to comment, compliment or complain) 

 Internal Instructions, Manuals and Guidelines

  1. Fire Authority
  2. Freedom of Information

 Records Management and Personal Data Policies

  1. Access to Information
  2. Privacy and Data Processing

Charging Regimes and Policies

  1.  Fees and Charges
  2.   Freedom of Information 
  3.  Cost and Fees


  • Lists and Registers

Asset Lists and Information Asset Register 

  1. Fire Engines
  2. Specialist Units
  3. Support Vehicles
  4. Request Disclosure Logs (Freedom of Information)  

Registers Open to Public Inspection (and Arrangements for Access to Contents)  

  1. Enforcement Notices Register*
  2. Prosecutions Register 
  3. Alterations Register*
  4. Prohibition Notices Register*  

*Note: the indicated registers above are available for inspection at our premises for information prior to 2016.
If you wish to inspect them please email or phone our reception at headquarters
on 0118 945 2888.

Register of Members’ Interests 

  1. Fire Authority Members  

Register of Gifts and Hospitality  

  1. Officer Gifts and Hospitality Register 


  • The Services We Offer

Information About the Provision of the Authority’s Services 

  1. Fire Authority
  2. Our Commitments
  3. About Us
  4. Managing Risk
  5. Our Performance
  6. Your Safety (at work, home, and out and about)  

Regulatory Responsibilities and Procedures  

  1. Safety at Work (Legislation)  

Leaflets and Explanatory Booklets 

  1. Fire Safety Advice  

Services for which the Authority is entitled to recover a Fee (plus list of fees)  

  1. Scale of Standard Charges 
  2. Costs and Fees

Media Releases 

  1. Latest News
  2. Contact Us (Media Enquiry)  

Information on Major Incidents 

  1. Latest News