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Our Performance

Every year, we set targets for our performance to ensure we are delivering what we have promised in our strategic commitments. We monitor our performance against our targets on an ongoing basis and formally report to the Audit and Governance Committee every quarter. The most recent quarterly reports are available below.  In addition to information about our progress towards our targets, these include details of our main areas of risk, our financial position and our contracts and projects.

  • Annual Plan Our Annual Plan gives direction for the coming year, using the objectives, to define the range of activities we will undertake.
  • Annual Report The Annual Report provides the details of our successes along with the areas of improvement in line with our Vision.
  • Peer Challenge This report outlines the key findings from the Local Government Association's (LGA) Fire Peer Challenge in February 2017.
  • Our Performance Archive Click here to see a range of historical documents detailing our past performance including Corporate plans and Action plans.
  • Quarterly Performance Reports The aim of these reports is to share with you how RBFRS has performed.