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Our Performance

Every year, we set targets for our performance to ensure we are delivering what we have promised in our strategic commitments. We monitor our performance against our targets on an ongoing basis and formally report to the Audit and Governance Committee every quarter. The most recent quarterly reports are available below. In addition to information about our progress towards our targets, these include details of our main areas of risk, our financial position and our contracts and projects. The data on this page may change due to on-going data capture.

Please note that during March 2020, the Service put temporary measures in place to help control the spread of coronavirus and ensure our teams continue to be available to respond to emergencies. As a result, non-risk critical visits were suspended with the exception to individuals considered to be of the highest risk from fire, which is reflected on performance reporting in this period.

Our performance in December 2020

In December 2020, we responded to a total of 511 emergency incidents in Berkshire
In December 2020, we completed 42 Fire safety audits
In December 2020, we responded within 10 minutes in 78.5 percent of occasions
In November 2020, we received 5 complaints
In December 2020, we carried out 149 safe and well visits

Our performance last quarter (July - September 2019)

July to September performance - 99.5% of eligible staff successfully completed their fitness test
July to September performance - 4% of working time lost to staff sickness across all groups
July to September performance - 100% compliant spend as a percentage of overall spend