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About Us

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS) provides cover 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from 18 fire stations across the County. We are responsible for an area of around 125,914 hectares, from Slough and Langley in the east to Lambourn and Newbury in the west. We employ more than 600 uniformed and support staff who serve a population of approximately 860,000 people.

Our highly-trained fire crews deal with incidents ranging from road and rail accidents to fuel and chemical spills, aviation and waterway accidents, collapsed buildings, large animal rescues and, of course, fires.

Along with providing a swift and effective response to incidents, one of our key aims is to educate people on how to prevent fire and other emergencies. To do this, we will work with schools, businesses, residents and community groups throughout Berkshire to raise awareness and educate people about a wide variety of safety issues.

Berkshire and Reading Fire Brigade was formed in 1948 and was later renamed in 1974 to Royal Berkshire Fire Brigade. The organisation was established following centuries of evolution in firefighting strategy across the UK and renamed Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service in 1985. The fire service was then removed from local authority control in 1998 and was placed under the direction of an independent Royal Berkshire Fire Authority – which is made up of representatives from the county’s six unitary authorities.

  • Fire Authority The Fire Authority is a public body which manages our service through a democratic process.
  • Fire Stations We have 18 fire stations across the county of Berkshire, ranging from Langley and Slough in the east to Lambourn and Hungerford...
  • Our Commitments Royal Berkshire Fire Authority set six commitments as part of their 2015-19 Corporate Plan and Integrated Risk Management Plan.
  • Our People Strategy The 2018-2021 People Strategy aims to support our people to become the best public servants, for the people we serve.
  • Our Performance Every year, we set targets for our performance to ensure we are delivering what we have promised in our strategic commitments.
  • Managing Risk We take measures to manage the risk across the County to ensure we deliver the right resources at the right time to the people...
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion RBFRS is committed to supporting and making a positive difference to the communities we serve.
  • Vehicles All vehicles are ready to deliver an immediate and effective response to residents of Berkshire and beyond.
  • Water Rescue Our specialist Water Rescue Unit responds to emergencies on the County's waterways and lakes.
  • Animal Rescue Our Firefighters will rescue animals when they are trapped or where the people may be in danger.