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Our commitment

Royal Berkshire Fire Authority (RBFA) is committed to minimising the loss of life, injury and damage from fire.

Six new strategic commitments were approved by RBFA members in June 2014, and include a pledge to focus on increasing the installation of sprinklers and other fire suppression systems in buildings.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems can significantly reduce the risk to life and mitigate the damage caused by fire.

An automatic system is designed to detect a fire and extinguish it in its early stages or hold the fire in check so that extinguishment can be carried out by other means.

It consists of a water supply which provides adequate pressure and flows into a system of pipework onto which sprinkler heads are installed.

These sprinkler heads operate at a predetermined temperature and discharge water over the affected area. Only those heads in the vicinity of the fire operate which limits the amount of water damage.

The benefits

The case for installing sprinkler systems is compelling; they save lives, reduce injuries, protect property and increase sustainability. Over the past few years, there has been a growing recognition of the effectiveness of sprinklers in domestic premises, which is acknowledged in the current edition of the code of practice supporting The Building Regulations.

One of the most often ignored benefits of fire sprinklers is the additional flexibility a system can provide to both architects and developers. There are also environmental benefits which can be used as a powerful tool in demonstrating how sprinklers can contribute to safer and stronger communities.

Further information

Should you require any further information please contact the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association who provide authoritative information on the benefits of sprinkler systems and how sprinklers can play a significant role in saving life and property from the devastating effects of fire.