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Our Commitments

The overarching vision set out in the plan is for RBFRS staff to work together as one team for the communities we serve. In order to fulfil that vision it is vital that staff work in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment. Although progress has been made in creating a service that reflects the communities it serves, there is more work required to achieve this goal.

Royal Berkshire Fire Authority’s (RBFA) purpose is to create safer more resilient communities by preventing incidents, protecting homes and businesses and responding to emergencies.

RBFA has a set of Commitments that is regularly reviewed. They explain how we intend to achieve our purpose:

1. Prevention. We will reduce the risk to our communities through our partnership duties and prevention education activities, ensuring that our services are accessible to all.

2. Protection. We will support those with responsibility for premises to understand their duties in ensuring the safety of all people using buildings covered by the Building Safety Act 2022 and Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, whilst ensuring that our services are accessible to all. 

3. Response. We will ensure that our people are trained and resources are located to provide the most effective response and to have a positive impact on incidents in our communities.We will provide advice, consultation and enforcement in relation to fire safety standards in buildings. 

4. Resilience. We will ensure our resilience and work with our partners to promote and build resilience in the communities we serve.

5. Sustainability. We will ensure that we provide a financially sustainable and environmentally friendly service to our communities.

6. People. We will support our staff by providing a safe and inclusive environment for them to thrive in, building a diverse organisation that is engaged with, and accessible to, our communities.

Each year, in our Annual Plan, we will set specific focus areas and deliverables, which we will work on to deliver this mission. Our Annual Plan is available on our website.