Our Commitments

Our mission, Serving the People of Royal Berkshire, underpins everything we do. To help us demonstrate how we can best do this we have carried out an assessment of the current political environment, our statutory and legal responsibilities and the social and economic factors affecting the residents of Royal Berkshire. This has resulted in the production of a set of six outward facing commitments, shown below, which describe how we think we can achieve our mission.

1. We will provide education and advice on how to prevent fires and other emergencies. 

2. We will ensure a swift and appropriate response when called to emergencies. 

3. We will provide advice, consultation and enforcement in relation to fire safety standards in buildings. 

4. We will seek opportunities to contribute to a broader safety, health and wellbeing agenda, whilst delivering our core functions. 

5. We will ensure that RBFRS provides good value for money. 

6. We will work with Central Government and key stakeholders in the interests of the people of Royal Berkshire.

Each year, in our Annual Plan, we will set specific focus areas and deliverables, which we will work on to deliver this mission. Our Annual Plan is available on our website.