Bonfires and Barbecues

Outdoor activities are often a great way to spend your leisure time but they have dangers too. Read the following advice to help stay safe:


  • Build bonfires well away from buildings, fences and trees
  • Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose nearby 
  • Check that animals are not inside the bonfire before lighting 
  • Avoid building fires near roads, especially major roads or motorways 
  • Do not burn aerosols, tyres, canisters or anything containing foam or paint 
  • Do not use petrol or paraffin


  • Make sure your barbecue is well away from sheds, fences, trees and shrubs

  • Keep children and pets away from the cooking area 

  • Set up your barbecue on level ground 

  • If you have a gas barbecue always store gas cylinders outside 

  • Use only approved lighter fluids and only ever on cold coals 

  • Keep a bucket of water, sand, or a garden hose nearby for emergencies 

  • Be careful when cooking fatty foods, the dripping fat can cause the barbecue to flare up 

  • Don't leave a lit barbecue unattended 

  • Don't cook if you’re affected by alcohol or prescription drugs 

  • Don't take a barbecue indoors – even when the flames aren’t visible, it can still give off carbon monoxide fumes, which can be deadly