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Recommendation 9

Values and Culture in Fire and Rescue Services

Recommendation 9: 

By 1 January 2024, chief fire officers should:​ 

  • immediately review their current background checks arrangements, and make sure that suitable and sufficient background checks are in place to safeguard their staff and communities they serve; and  
  • make sure that appropriate DBS check requests have been submitted for all existing, new staff, and volunteers, according to their roles as identified by the Fire Standards Board.​ 

RBFRS action: Wide consultation was undertaken with roles who will be impacted by the new DBS checks. DBS checks are now being completed on all roles and for any new starters into the organisation. The type of DBS check needed is determined by the type of job description. Contact with all staff has been made and assurance processes in place to manage the rollout. 

Action: In progress