Home Fire Safety Check

Do You Qualify For A Home Fire Safety Check?

We have to prioritise and risk assess each Home Fire Safety Check request received, therefore you may not qualify for a visit by a representative of Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, but instead will be provided with up to date guidance about how to reduce the risk of fires starting in your home.

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  • Are you over 65 years of age?
  • Do you have any mobility issues?
  • Do you receive any assistance in your home from external agencies?
  • Do you have any visual or auditory impairment?
  • Further information: Home Fire Safety Check Freephone 0800 587 6679

If you qualify

If you answered yes to any of the above questions please fill in the HFSC form at the end of this page, or download and complete this referral form.


If you do not fall into any of the above categories please select one of the following:

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Complete the form below or download and complete this referral form.


Please fill this out if you qualify for requesting a Home Fire Safety Check

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If you are requesting this on behalf of a family member or friend please complete the following:

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• Person is over 65 years of age 
• Person has mobility issues 
• Person receives assistance in the home from external agencies 
• Person has a visual or auditory impairment 
• Has the client given permission for this referral 

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If RBFRS supplies and fits smoke alarms during the visit and a possible malfunction is subsequently reported, your details may be passed to our suppliers for alarm diagnostics / replacement purposes.

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Alternatively, you can send an email to us at hfscreferrals@rbfrs.co.uk, but please include the information requested in the form above so that we can process the request.

HFSC - partnership referral iconIt is our intention to work with other partners across Berkshire. These partners will be able to refer vulnerable groups for a Home Fire Safety Check by a representative from RBFRS. Their home will be assessed for fire risk with a view to fitting free smoke alarms if required. We will also discuss home escape plans and provide education advice to lower fire risk.

A ‘vulnerable person’ may be in need of community care services by reason of age, illness, mental or other disability, and who may not be able to take care of or protect themselves against significant harm or exploitation.

Who should be referred?

Are you unsure who to refer for a Home Fire Safety Check?

Can you answer YES to any of the following?

  • The occupier is over 65 years of age.
  • The occupier has a physical disability or has mobility issues.
  • The occupier has any sensory impairment, audio or visual.
  • The occupier relies on assistance from external agencies to help them live independently in their own home.
  • The occupier has mental health problems, which may lead to unsafe practices with fire, cooking, heating or hoarding of combustible materials.
  • The occupier has learning difficulties or cognitive impairment that can lead to confusion.
  • There is evidence of burn marks on either bedding, furniture or carpets.
  • The person is returning from hospital and may be vulnerable to the risk of fire.
  • The person is physically unable to maintain their property in a safe condition through a lack of fire awareness or ability.

YES… If the occupier is eligible for a Home Fire Safety Check, please download a Multi-Agency Referral Form.

NO… If the occupier is not eligible for a Home Fire Safety Check. Please refer to the following information and downloadable resources: