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Benefits – Why Take Part?

  • paid opportunity – interns will earn a salary of £8/hour – based on a 37 hour week, this could equate to approximately £296 per week.
  • Experience the work of a modern fire and rescue visits – take part in site visits to our various locations, including operational fire stations to meet our crews.
  • Flexibility – we will support interns to participate based on their individual needs – this could include flexible start/end times, support with transport arrangements and other tailored support to ensure that all successful candidates can participate fully in the scheme.
  • Career development activities – You will take away valuable skills and knowledge from a range of skills workshops on topics such as time management, presentation skills, CV and interview preparation.
  • Demonstrable work experience that can be used for university or future job applications.
  • Meet new people as part of the 2022 Chairman’s Internship Scheme group.