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Integrated Service Delivery Strategy

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We manage the risks we identify through an integrated approach. This means we consider the full range of treatments we have at our disposal and identify the most effective and efficient way to reduce community risk. We intend to formalise this approach by adopting an Integrated Service Delivery Strategy (ISDS).This means that for each hazard we manage, we will consider all of the methods at our disposal to drive down risk in our communities.

We work closely with our neighbouring Fire and Rescue Services, notably through long standing collaboration with Thames Valley partners and the wider Thames Valley Local Resilience Forum. These partnerships and collaborative activities allow us to share our understanding of risk and contribute to wider regional risk reduction. We actively seek collaborative opportunities, such as sharing the facilities in our fire stations with Thames Valley Police and South Central Ambulance Service, joint procurement arrangements and our joint Thames Valley Fire Control Service. Working together leads to greater resilience and increases our efficiency and effectiveness.

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