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Workforce and Culture

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The RBFRS Vision is to work together as One Team for the communities we serve. In order to fulfil our vision it is vital that our staff work in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment. We continue to drive towards creating a Service that reflects the communities it serves, although we recognise that there is more work required to achieve this goal.

The Service has a well-developed Health and Wellbeing Action plan and we have made a commitment to improve the mental health of every employee and volunteer across the Service. We continue to deliver a range of activities in support of this aim:

  • Tackling mental health stigma.
  • Improving workplace wellbeing.
  • Building resilience.
  • Improving access to information.
  • Improving pathways to support.

The safety of our workforce remains a priority for the Service and firefighter safety is regularly reviewed at a senior level, as part of the Corporate Risk Register.

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