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Lithium-ion battery fire in Thatcham

At 10:48pm on Wednesday, 31 January, we received reports of a fire on Derwent Road in Thatcham.

Two Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service crews from Newbury Fire Station were sent to the scene alongside a crew from Theale Community Fire Station.

Upon arrival, crews discovered a fire in a conservatory caused by a defective lithium-ion battery. Firefighters equipped with breathing apparatus rescued a dog from the property before extinguishing the fire using a hose reel jet. Following the fire, one person was taken into the care of South Central Ambulance Service.

Crews were at the scene for approximately one hour and 26 minutes.

If you purchase an e-bike or e-scooter, please ensure you read the user instructions carefully and never leave them unattended while charging. You should avoid charging them indoors if at all possible.

Do not attempt to retrofit or repair lithium-ion batteries yourself. If your battery is damaged, dispose of it safely and purchase a replacement from the manufacturer or a reputable retailer.

A catastrophic failure of a battery and charging equipment can occur if left to overheat, often with very little prior warning. This may lead to an unusually intense fire that can give off toxic gases and large amounts of smoke.

In the event of an e-bike, e-scooter or lithium-ion battery fire, do not attempt to put it out. Get out, stay out and call 999.

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Derwent Road, Thatcham, England, United Kingdom