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Busy bank holiday for our firefighters

Crews from across the county have been busy over the bank holiday weekend responding to a number of incidents. Incidents included kitchen fires, a tumble dryer fire and road traffic collisions. One of the largest fires from the weekend was a fire in a stable in Arborfield. Take a look at the incidents of interest from the weekend:

On Saturday 29 April, crews from Slough and Langley attended a road traffic collision between a lorry and a car.

The crews were called at 9:36am to the incident on the M4 westbound between junction five (Langley) and junction six (Slough) where the crews assisted by making the scene safe.

Crews from Caversham Road and Dee Road fire stations were called to a kitchen fire on Field Road, Reading.

RBFRS received the call at 1:08pm on Saturday 29 April and attended to extinguish the fire.

On Saturday 29 April, crews from Wokingham and Bracknell were called at 4:14pm to a tumble dryer fire in a garage on Forest Road.

The crews used two breathing apparatus and one hose reel to extinguish the fire.

A crew from Ascot Fire Station were called to a van on fire on Sunday 30 April at 3:49pm. The crews attended the blaze on Bishopdale in Bracknell and used two breathing apparatus and one hose reel to extinguish the fire.

Crews from Whitley Wood and Wokingham Road attended a fence fire on Deardon Way on Sunday 30 April.

The call was received at 5:44pm and firefighters used two breathing apparatus and one hose reel to prevent the fire from spreading to garages. The crews were on the scene for less than 30 minutes.

Firefighters spent more than an hour tackling a blaze at stables on Church Lane on Arborfield.

The call was received at 8:48am on Monday 1 May. Crews from Whitley Wood, Wokingham Road, Wokingham attended and were supported by the incident command unit from Whitley Wood and the animal rescue unit from Caversham Road.

At the incident, two firefighters in breathing apparatus used two jets to extinguish the blaze that damaged 20 per cent of the barn roof. Fortunately, no animals from the barn where harmed by the fire.