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Come and speak to our crew about becoming a retained (part-time) firefighter

Your firefighters will be at Lambourn village open day this Friday!

The crews will be on the showground with the fire engine from Lambourn fire station. Visitors will have a chance to look around the fire engine and also speak to the firefighters about becoming a retained (part-time) firefighter.

Retained firefighters are men and women who do ordinary jobs, but are ready to go to a ‘shout’ the moment that a call comes. They may be part-time, but they are trained and capable people on the front-line, saving lives and making headlines.

There is a shortage at the moment of people who will turn out and help in an emergency. This is particularly true in our small towns and rural areas because nowadays there are fewer people who live and work locally. You might be just the person to fill the gap!

If you’re over 18 years of age and would be interested in becoming a retained firefighter for Royal Berkshire, come along and speak to the team or find out more on our retained firefighter section.

If you’re interested in attending the Lambourn village open day then find out more: