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Crew spend two hours tackling 14-car fire

Firefighters spent two hours stopping a fire involving 14 cars from spreading to a building of a nearby business.

Crews from Langley, Slough and Buckinghamshire’s Gerard’s Cross fire stations were called to a blaze on Ford Lane, Iver, Slough at 1.41am on Thursday 20 April.

Watch Manager Andy Andy Gibbins, based at Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Langley Fire Station, was Incident Commander in charge at the fire.

He said: “We could see the incident from quite a distance – we could see the heavy black smoke from about three miles away and, from about a mile and a half away, we could see the glow of the flames.

“We were faced with 14 cars well alight and crews tackled it on a rolling basis to get it under control.

“The crews did a good job of protecting the building and fought the fire from there. Firefighters did nothing less than expected but I expected their best.”

Crews were there for around two hours working at the scene to put the fire entirely out and ensure that the nearby business was well protected, and the flames did not spread to it.

During the course of firefighting efforts, six firefighters in breathing apparatus used two hose reels and a jet to extinguish the blaze.

A number of cars were destroyed in the fire and the cause is under investigation.