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Staff create music video to promote serious fire safety messages in a fun way

Musical talent may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of your fire and rescue service – but our staff clearly have a wide range of skills as you’ll find out in this video.

A group of RBFRS staff decided to put their musical skills to good use by putting together a song called You Can’t Stop the Fire, which is a pastiche of Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark song.

The key aim of the song is to get key fire safety advice to people in a slightly different way, using the skills and talents they have outside of work.

The team also brought the song to life by filming their own video – but their acting skills aren’t quite as honed as their musical talents! Staff from across the organisation were involved, including crews at Maidenhead, Whitley Wood and non-operational colleagues based at headquarters.

Please watch and share the video below. If you enjoy it, please consider making a donation to The Fire Fighters Charity, a charity which provides life enhancing services to the fire and rescue community: