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Firefighters warn public of the dangers of River Kennet

Firefighters from Newbury Fire Station are urging residents to take extra care if they are out and about near waterways.

Crews have found a popular hotspot for teenagers in the warm weather along the River Kennet near Guyer’s Lock in Enborne.

The area known as ‘the beach’, which veers off from the main river, starts off relatively shallow but then gets slightly deeper as it gets closer to the river. The area appears to be used often as a handmade swing is dangling from a tree.

Watch Manager, Phil Knight said: “The particular area is next to a weir so is quite fast flowing and could be dangerous if a child jumps in.

“If there was to be a terrible incident, we would have difficulties in providing a quick response as it is difficult to access this stretch of the river. We urge residents to stay safe around our waterways, especially if it is fast flowing and if you don’t know what is underneath the surface.”

In 2016, 315 people accidently drowned in the UK – with around 50% of these people originally having no intention of entering the water and were taking part in everyday activities, such as running or walking.For more advice on water safety please visit