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Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service receive employer recognition onboard HMS Victory

Following the announcement of Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service’s (RBFRS’) Silver Award in the Ministry of Defence’s Employer Recognition Awards, the Service was delighted to be invited aboard HMS Victory on 5 September for the Awards Ceremony.

Councillor Edwards and Che Scott, RBFRS Armed Forces Liaison Officer joined representatives from a number of organisations who had also received Employer Recognition Awards.

The award came as a result of RBFRS’ support to those that are part of the Armed Forces community, after signing the Armed Forces Covenant in February this year.

RBFRS will also be taking part in the first tri-emergency service career insight day, alongside South Central Ambulance Service and Thames Valley Police, who are leading the event. The Insight Day will take place at Sulhamstead Police College on 24 September, and will be co-ordinated by the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), as a number of members of the Armed Forces who are due to leave will be shown what each emergency service has to offer them.

Che Scott said: “It’s been an honour to come and collect this Award; it is excellent that the Service has been recognised for the support we show to the Armed Forces. We look forward to extending this relationship further in the coming months, starting with the Insight Day we will be participating in on 24 September.”

 Councillor Adrian Edwards representing Royal Berkshire Fire Authority, added: “Thank you to the Reserve Forces and Cadets Association for organising the Awards Ceremony and inviting us along to share the evening. It has been a wonderful opportunity and a privilege to meet like-minded organisations who, much like Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, recognise the talented individuals that can contribute to the Service after leaving the Armed Forces.”