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Staying safe during Storm Eunice

Red warnings may have expired, but there is still an amber warning in place until 9pm tonight (18 February). 

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS) is advising residents to follow the latest weather reports and remain #WeatherAware. 

There are steps that residents can take to stay safe during this period:

  • Stay indoors if possible.
  • Close doors and windows and close curtains to protect against broken windows.
  • Secure outdoor belongings such as bikes, garden furniture etc. or if possible, bring them indoors or into a shed/garage or secured down to prevent them blowing away or getting damaged.
  • Businesses, please check outside areas for unsecured items, like seating, umbrellas, gazebos.
  • Warn vulnerable people in your community and help them prepare.
  •  If you are out and about, please be careful of falling debris.

Only make essential journeys, but if you do need to travel, take note of this advice:

  • Give vulnerable road users including cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians more room than usual. They are more likely to be blown around by side winds, so keep your speed down and always keep a safe distance.
  • Choose main roads to travel on if possible. These are less likely to be exposed to fallen branches and debris.
  • Grip your steering wheel firmly with both hands, especially when planning to overtake, as gusts of wind can unsettle vehicles.
  • Ensure that you maintain enough room on either side of your vehicle when travelling so you can account for it being blown sideways.
  • Give yourself more time to react while driving.
  • Check the latest on the weather before setting off.

For the latest information on the weather warning, visit the Met Office website.