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Updates from Storm Eunice

Update from 5pm on Friday, 18 February.

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS) is responding to a number of incidents as a result of Storm Eunice. 

Between midnight and 5pm on Friday, 18 February, Thames Valley Fire Control Service answered more than 400 calls in the Thames Valley. This page contains some of the incidents RBFRS has attended.

Steve Leonard, Group Manager, said: “In this time of high demand, we ask that you use your judgment and please do not call emergency services to report fallen trees or debris in the road when there is no threat to life. Please instead call Highways England for major routes, or your local authority for minor routes.”

  • 9:16am Wingrove Road, Reading. A crew responded to a fallen tree affecting the roof of a property. Firefighters removed the tree and debris to make the building safe. 
  • 10:20am Whitewell Close, Arborfield. Two trees had fallen with one impacting a street light. An Officer attended to provide safety advice.
  • 10:32am Church Street, Caversham. Roof cladding had been affected by the wind. Area cordoned off by firefighters for scene safety and handed over to manager.
  • 10:36am. Grove Hill, Emmer Green, Reading. Large oak tree has fallen across the road onto two vehicles and into garden of surrounding premises. No people were trapped so firefighters made scene safe and handed over to council tree surgeons.
  • 10:48am. Broad Street, Reading. Anti bird spikes had fallen from building. Area was cordoned off by firefighters and the spikes were removed.
  • 10:52am. Shooters Hill, Pangbourne. Tree split causing danger to nearby premises. One crew evacuated the building and cordoned off the area. 
  • 11:20am. Oakengates, Bracknell. Two large trees fallen into roof. No people were trapped. Area was cordoned off by crew and handed over with council tree surgeons in attendance.
  • 11:21am. Sulham Lane, Pangbourne. A power cable struck a tree. A crew and an Officer attended, before handing over to the Electricity Board.
  • 11:22am. London Road, Ascot. Fallen tree impacting road users. Area made safe and handed over to local authority.
  • 11:35am. Reade’s Lane, Sonning Common, Reading. Partial collapse of building, crew worked to make scene safe.
  • 11:40am. Bath Road, Maidenhead. Roof tiles coming off, affecting pedestrian area. Advice given by crew.
  • 11:45am. Oddfellows Road, Newbury. Solar panels on house dislodged by wind, hitting cars. Area cordoned off by crew and area made safe.
  • 12.17pm. Keldhome, Bracknell. Bricks and tiles coming down. Area cordoned off by crew and advice given.
  • 12.38pm. Sycamore Road, Reading. One tree had fallen into a house. Area cordened off by crew and handed over to resident for action by tree surgeon.
  • 12.43pm. Thornbridge Road, Reading. Aerial hanging and hitting property. Aerial made safe by crew.
  • 12.48pm. Albert Street, Slough. Roof tiles fallen from roof. Area made safe and cordened off by crew.
  • 13.01pm. Queen’s Road, Newbury. Unsafe roof structure due to high winds. Building evacuated and handed over to building management.
  • 13.49pm. Bath Road, Slough. Window shutters on top floor of a building loose. Shutters secured by crew and made safe.
  • 14.12pm. London Road, Ascot. Metal roof partially detached from building, which crew worked to secure.
  •  14.13pm. Butler Road, Crowthorne. An unstable chimney stack. Crew put a cordon in place and provided advice to the owner.
  • 14.16pm. Skimped Hill Lane, Bracknell. Roof tiles coming off building. Crew made roof safe and cordoned area off.
  • 14.24pm. Kidmore Road, Caversham. Fallen tree onto Garage blocking access road. Area cordoned off by crew and advice given to owner.
  • 14.30pm. Purley on Thames. Unsafe roof, with bricks and aerial fallen from property. Crews cordoned off area and provided advice.
  • 14:45pm. Northbrook Street, Newbury. Loose canopy structure affecting window and footpath. Area cordoned off by crews and handed over to building management.
  • 14:46pm Foliejohn Way, Maidenhead. Tiles leaning off roof of property. Roof made safe by crew.
  • 14:48pm Tidmarsh Street, Reading. Aerial hanging over pavement. Aerial made safe by crew.
  • 14:52pm. The Meadway, Tilehurst. Trampoline removed from dangerous position and dismantled. Area made safe.
  • 15.02pm. West Street, Reading. Chimney loose and unstable. Crew cordoned off area and removed 2 chimney pots.
  • 15.26pm. Marescroft Road, Slough. An unstable, partially collapsed wall. Made safe by crew and handed over to homeowner.
  • For our latest safety advice, please visit this page.