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Updates from the Heatwave

Update from 17:10 on Wednesday, 20 July:

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS) responded to a number of incidents as a result of the heatwave.

Since Saturday, 16 July, Thames Valley Fire Control Service (TVFCS) has taken well over 1,000 calls and on the hottest day, Tuesday, 19 July, TVFCS staff took more than 550 emergency calls. 

Tim Readings, Group Manager, said: “In times of high demand, we ask that you use your judgment and take care. If you encounter a wildfire, get to a safe place, call 999 and give the location of the fire. Try to give as detailed a description as possible as this will help firefighters reach a wildfire quickly. Do not attempt to get closer to or extinguish a fire in the open.”

Below is a summary of major incidents associated with the heatwave that RBFRS crews have responded to in Berkshire. You can read the full incident statements on our Incident Feed.

Incidents on Monday, 18 July:

  • 0:07am, Pinebeams, Maidenhead: Firefighters equipped with breathing apparatus used a hose reel to extinguish a shed fire.
  • 5:59am, Sulham Woods: Crews responded to a fire in the open in Sulham Woods. Firefighters extinguished the fire and will return to carry out further inspections later in the day.
  • 11:46am, Bray Lake, Maidenhead: Crews were involved in a water rescue effort at Bray Lake. Sadly, the person involved passed away at the scene. Our condolences go out to all of those affected by this tragic loss.
  • 12:41pm, Ridgemount Road, Sunningdale: Firefighters equipped with breathing apparatus used two hose reels to extinguish a shed fire. The fire had spread to a surrounding tree and fence before being extinguished.
  • 6:43pm, Colnbrook, Slough: Crews extinguished a small kitchen fire in a first floor flat.
  • 9:12pm, Baths Island, Windsor,  Crews were involved in a water rescue effort. This incident was handed over to Thames Valley Police. 

Incidents on Tuesday, 19 July:

  • 11:51am, Farley Hill: Firefighters, using hose reels, tackled a field fire at a farm south of Reading. 
  • 2:22pm, Selsdon Avenue, Woodley: Upon arrival, firefighters found a domestic fire involving two properties. Two people were evacuated from the buildings and placed into the care of South Central Ambulance Service. Crews extinguished the fire using six hose reel jets.
  • 4:20pm, Dunt Lane, Hurst: Crews used four hose reels to extinguish a bin fire that spread to a nearby hedge and provided Immediate Emergency Care (IEC) to one person.