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Register your appliances for a safer home

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service is supporting the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliance’s (AMDEA) campaign this week to remind people to register their appliances with the manufacturer, be they small or large, and bought, second-hand or inherited. provides free and easy access to 60 leading brands sold in the UK. Many accept registration of products at least 12 years old and no proof of purchase is needed.

Paul Scott, Prevention Manager, said: “To save money, more people are buying second hand appliances, adopting older appliances from friends and family, or inheriting appliances when they move into a new place.

“Registering your appliances means the manufacturer knows where to find it in case of a safety repair or recall. It’s easy and free to register appliances on the Register My Appliance website.”

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To reduce the risk of a fire breaking out, keep appliances clean and in good working order. Also, remember to avoid overloading sockets and routinely check for signs of dangerous or loose wiring.

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