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Firefighters Rescue Trapped Pony near Marlow

Firefighters use equipment to lift the pony out of a trench

On Tuesday, 23 April, Firefighters from Berkshire and Buckinghamshire came to the aid of a trapped pony near Marlow.

Crews found the pony, Basil, stuck in a four-foot-deep trench. Using hand tools to create space around him, they then used strops and the crane on the Heavy Rescue Unit from Theale Community Fire Station to lift the pony to safety.

Attending the incident were White Watch from Caversham Road, Wokingham Road, Theale and a crew from Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, with support from Blue Watch relief crews.

Basil was placed into the care of his owners and a vet, who shared an update. “Basil has responded well to medication, started eating and remains stable. I can’t thank the fire service enough for their expertise, professionalism and empathy!”

The pony recovers in the stable
The crew from Caversham Road after the rescue