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KS2 Virtual Fire Safety Experience Schools Package

We have been busy working on a package that will provide the full fire safety experience for KS2 children.

Why is it essential to teach fire safety?

For many young people this will be their first introduction to fire safety and on how to protect themselves from harm and take responsibility for their own and others safety. By teaching young people from an early age the main causes of unwanted fires, what we can do to help reduce the risk of having a fire and how to prepare, in the small chance we may experience an unwanted fire, we are taking those first, vital steps in keeping all young people and their families safe from fire.

What is included in the KS2 Virtual Fire Safety Experience Schools Package?

An hour-long, pre-recorded KS2 Fire Safety Presentation (with activities), covering areas such as fire safety, smoke alarms, stop drop and roll, escape plans and what to do in an emergency, including calling 999.

A KS2 Fire Safety Workbook that works in conjunction with the KS2 Fire Safety Presentation, allowing each student the opportunity to carry out the three activities within the session, along with a number of additional activities that can be carried out in school and/or at home, reinforcing important fire safety messages.

Lesson Guidance

The presentation is exactly an hour long.

There are three activities within the presentation, with time scheduled within the session for the young people to complete each activity –

  • Activity 1: Stay Fire Safe – 8 minutes
  • Activity 2: Smoke Alarm Quiz – 5 minutes
  • Activity 3: Escape Plans: Where Shall We Go? – 3 minutes

Please can we request that students are placed in pairs and/or groups of three before the session begins – this will allow the young people to work in teams for some or all of the activities.


We would be most grateful if you could take the time, once you have utilised the KS2 Virtual Fire Safety Experience Schools Package, to complete the teacher evaluation, which should take no more than a couple of minutes to complete. Honest feedback will allow us to assess whether the package is fit for purpose and will encourage continuous improvement of our overall schools programme.

If possible, we would also appreciate feedback from the young people themselves. With the Young Person Evaluation, we do not ask for any personal details but hope to use their feedback as a true reflection of whether the package meets the needs of young people.


A5 Workbook = 5 sheets (double sided) of A4 paper per young person

A4 Workbook = 10 sheets (double sided) of A4 paper per young person