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Key Fire Safety Points

These are some of the key areas Fire Safety Inspection Officers will look at during an inspection. Please note: this list is not exhaustive.

  • That a competent Fire Risk Assessor has carried out a fire risk assessment of the premises;
  • Compartmentation between flats and common areas and between corridors and stairs;
  • That stairwells are maintained;
  • Means of escape, for example, stairs, corridors and fire doors are clear and secure from smoke;
  • That the final exit is easy to use, for example, no codes are required to open them, and they are well lit;
  • That there is a maintained and tested alarm system;
  • That fire doors are in good condition and maintained;
  • That firefighter lifts are maintained;
  • If the fire safety plan is suitable;
  • What type of cladding system is on the building;
  • If there are sprinklers, what location are they in and have they been tested and maintained.