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Closed Premises

If your business is temporarily closed or reduced to limited use, e.g. an occasional check in, you may want to consider the below advice to ensure your premises is secure and safe from both accidental and arson related fires.

  • Ensure that all electrical appliances are switched off and the plugs are removed from sockets.
  • If possible, any combustible materials, especially materials such as rubbish, should be removed from site or stored securely.
  • Risk of arson – securing your premises is important for reducing the risk of arson. This includes removing any external sources of fuel or ignition which could cause fire spread. Ensuring gates and fences are closed and locked as well as having working CCTV, security systems and external lighting may help to prevent the anti-social behaviour which can lead to arson.
  • Shared means of escape – ensure you do not affect the means of escape from other premises which are still open, residential buildings or where wayleave agreements are in place.
  • Review security arrangements to address any increased risk of arson for empty premises and waste build up.
  • Ensure that all staff visiting or working during this time, including security staff, are familiar with the emergency plan and procedure for contacting the Fire and Rescue Service.
  • Maintain fire safety measures, such as ensuring fire doors are closed and in good order, as these provide vital protection in the event of fire.

For frequently asked questions, please visit the NFCC COVID-19 – Protection – Advice to Businesses.