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Testing and Maintenance

Currently there is no relaxation of fire safety legislation and it is the responsibility of the responsible person and/or duty holder to ensure they are testing and maintaining all fire safety measures in order to maintain a safe premises.

If the premises are empty, with the RR(FS)O 2005 being concerned with life safety only, fire safety systems for the protection of life may not be required to be maintained. If there is no-one on or in the immediate vicinity of the premises e.g. in accommodation above a premises who may be reliant on the fire safety measures in the premises, the RR(FS)O 2005 allows a risk-based approach to testing and maintenance where a premises remain vacant. If doubt exists, advice must be sought from a competent person. However, you must ensure any fire safety system for the protection of life is fully checked by a competent person as soon as possible when the premises are going to come back into use, ensuring they are all tested before occupation, especially for any sleeping risk premises.

For frequently asked questions, please see the NFCC guidance COVID-19 Protection Advice to Businesses.