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Working from Home

To ensure the safety of all employees who are working from home, please encourage them to do the following:

  • Ensure that all smoke alarms in the premises are fitted, tested and are working correctly.
  • Check home fire safety arrangements within the house. This could include an escape route from the working area.  All members of the household know what to do if there is a fire, particularly elderly people and children.
  • Use electrical items safely. For example, do not ‘daisy chain’ or overfill extension leads.
  • Bedtime checks – close doors, unplug electrical appliances and chargers, check heaters are off, and any candles and cigarettes are properly extinguished.

Remind everyone if there is a fire: 

  • Get Out.
  • Stay Out, and.
  • Call the Fire Service Out by dialling 999.

Our Safety at Home page also provides guidance on how to stay safe at home. 

Further advice on fire safety in the home can be found on ‘Fire Kills’, which is a Government led campaign.

For frequently asked questions, please see the NFCC guidance COVID-19 Protection Advice to Businesses.