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Means of Escape

Ensure that your escape routes remain available and open correctly. 

Remember to test whether they still function correctly.  If you share an escape route with another premises ensure it is still accessible. Ensure adequate fire exit signage, lighting and escape routes in the event of a fire are in place with any changes undertaken.

Ensure that any changes implemented to the exterior of your premises, i.e. temporary structures or queuing systems, do not obstruct the means of escape or compromise the assembly point. If the means of escape is adversely affected by these new measures, alternative suitable arrangements should be put in place in accordance with your reviewed fire risk assessment. Advice from your competent Fire Risk Assessor should be sought if you are unsure.

If your business has introduced a one-way system to control the flow of occupants, its impact on the means of escape must be assessed to ensure that it is still suitable for the occupants and that they don’t have to travel excessive distances to escape.