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Corporate Plan and Community Risk Management Plan 2023 – 2027

This is our web version of the draft Corporate Plan and Community Risk Management Plan for the years 2023 – 2027. You can navigate to each section of the plan using the links below.

The web version has been created to be more accessible, easier to search, and can be translated into different languages using the Google Translate tool at the top right of this page. If anyone would like a hard copy or require assistance with accessing the information in an alternative format or language, please contact us using any of the methods above.

We have a designed version available for you to download and an Evidence Base document.



Our Corporate Plan and CRMP

Royal Berkshire Fire Authority

The purpose of RBFA

RBFRS vision

Your Fire and Rescue Service

Workforce and culture

How we are financed

Delivering our objectives

Integrated Service Delivery Strategy

CRMP Methodology

Our Approach to Managing Risks in Berkshire

How we mobilise to incidents

Our priorities for the next four years

Corporate strategies

Evaluating our performance

About this document