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Could you be an on-call firefighter?

We’re currently recruiting for on-call firefighters at all seven of our on-call stations across Royal Berkshire.

This includes Mortimer, Lambourn, Hungerford, Crowthorne, Pangbourne, Wargrave and Maidenhead.

This page contains several short videos explaining the role and what you could gain from it. 

If you would like to find out more, please visit:

You can also follow our hashtag on social media: #OnCallForBerkshire

What might inspire you to be an on-call firefighter?

Hear from some of our current on-call firefighters on why they decided to join our team. 

What does it mean to be an on-call firefighter in Berkshire?

Steve Foye, Deputy Chief Fire Officer and Jim Powell, Area Manager at Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, are answering some of the key questions people have when they’re thinking of becoming an on-call (retained) firefighter. 

In this first video, they discuss what it means to be an on-call firefighter and the reasons why we are looking for more on-call firefighters to join our team. 

Other key questions will be covered on this page, alongside videos where you can directly hear from our on-call firefighters about their experiences of the role.

What’s it like to be an on-call firefighter?

Two of our on-call firefighters, Charlotte and James have been speaking about their experiences and what you could gain from the role.

Find out more about on-call firefighting