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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Objectives for 2022 – 2026

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Objectives have been published for 2022 – 2026, following a public consultation.

The new objectives were agreed by Royal Berkshire Fire Authority after consideration of the consultation response.

The new objectives are as follows:

·         Objective 1 – Increasing the diversity of staff at all levels: We recognise the value that a diverse workforce brings and will take action to increase the diversity of job applicants, seeking individuals with the right behaviours and skills to help us reflect and engage with our local communities.

This will involve ensuring our recruitment processes remain fair and continuing to appoint on merit, whilst promoting our range of careers to the widest possible audience.

·         Objective 2 – Leadership and corporate commitment: We will support our organisational leaders to understand their role in tackling inequalities and demonstrating inclusive behaviours, in line with our Behavioural Competency Framework. This commitment means we will be strong and visible in our leadership and ensure that all staff and members of our local communities have confidence in our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

This will involve continuing to provide a range of learning opportunities for leaders, from the frontline to the Senior Leadership Team, to expand their knowledge and understanding.

·         Objective 3 – Improving our service delivery by creating strong links with our community: We will connect and communicate with our diverse local community to develop meaningful and sustainable links, which help us to increase our understanding of their needs. We will ensure that we tailor our prevention, protection and response activities accordingly and target the most vulnerable people with the greatest risk.

This will involve finding ways to gain feedback from our communities which helps us to identify risk on a local level.

·         Objective 4 – Building on our inclusive culture: We will continue taking action to ensure we have a culture where everyone feels valued and is treated with dignity and respect, and support all staff to contribute to the creation of an inclusive working environment.

This will involve ensuring that our policies and processes celebrate difference, and enable all staff to be themselves in the workplace.

A total of 252 people responded to this consultation, thank you to everyone who took part and shared details of this consultation.