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KS3+ Road Safety Awareness Presentation 

We have created a road safety presentation which aims to take steps in reducing the number of road related incidents through ongoing education. The presentation can be carried out independently by a teacher or by a member of RBFRS staff through our annual schools programme.

Why is it essential to teach road safety?

Every year several young people are killed or seriously injured when travelling in a vehicle and/or near to a road. Evidence show that children under the age of 16 are one of the most vulnerable road users, in particular pedestrians. In 2020, figures show that 20% of passengers who died or were seriously injured in a car were children aged 11 to 15 years old. In the same year, figures for pedestrian casualties show that there were 22 deaths and 861 serious injuries also attributed to children aged 11 to 15 years old.

When moving into Secondary education, many young people gain more independence, such as travelling to and forth from school, spending more time with friends and being allowed to carry out activities by themselves, without parental support. The presentation looks to support young people during that transition by highlighting the key dangers when travelling in a vehicle and/or near to a road and provide guidance on how they can take more responsibility for their own and others safety.

What is included in the KS3+ Road Safety Awareness Presentation?

The presentation has been designed specifically for young people in KS3 and above. It has been broken down into six key areas:- seatbelts, airbags, e-scooters, vehicle distractions, pedestrian road safety and cycling safety.

The presentation is provided in a PowerPoint format and has been designed to easily fit into the school timetable, either in an assembly or during a classroom session. There are a number of short, thought provoking clips included in the presentation, as well as activities that can be carried out to large audiences and/or discussed in smaller groups.


KS3+ Road Safety Awareness Presentation

Please note, access to the internet and YouTube will be required.