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KS3+ Water Safety Awareness Presentation

We have been busy working on a short but informative, teacher lead, water safety presentation, that will potentially provide life-saving advice to all young people in KS3 and above.

Why is it essential to teach water safety?

Every year several young people drown in water incidents across the UK. The highest risk group is aged 15 to 24. In 2020 alone, 47 young people nationally (within that age group) lost their lives in a water incident. In a number of cases, young people did not have the knowledge and understanding of cold water shock and the hidden dangers below the surface.

By teaching young people how to protect themselves from harm and to take responsibility for their own and others safety when being near to or in the water, we are taking those first, vital steps in keeping young people safe.

What is included in the KS3+ Water Safety Awareness Presentation?

The session has been designed to look at the dangers when carrying out activities such as swimming in bodies of open water (ie. lakes, rivers, canals, seas, quarries, etc), participating in water sports, such as paddle boarding, jumping into water (tombstoning), being close to weirs and when visiting the coast. It also covers what to do when a person gets into trouble whilst in the water.

The presentation is provided in a Powerpoint format and has been designed to easily fit into the school timetable, either in an assembly or during a classroom session.


KS3+ Water Safety Awareness Presentation