Step Three: Physical Tests

As part of the Wholetime recruitment process, you will be required to complete the following 5 physical tests that assess fitness, strength, stamina, coordination, dexterity and ability to work at height and within enclosed spaces.

* Please note that testing equipment may vary and the videos are an indication of what candidates can expect but do not mirror exact test conditions.* 

Our Recruitment Fitness Guide 

National Fitness Guide

Ladder Climb

Candidates wear a safety harness and ascend two-thirds of the way up a 13.5-metre ladder and take a leg-lock. They are then asked to lean backwards and outstretch their arms to the sides, and then whilst looking over their shoulder they are to say out loud what symbol is being shown by the assessor at ground level. This will test confidence at heights. 

Gym Based Tests - replicating a ladder lift, ladder extension and grip strength

Candidates are required to replicate raising the pawls on a 13.5 ladder by completing a Lat pull- down 60kg (1rep), candidates will then be asked to replicate  extending a 13.5m ladder by completing   Lat pull-downs 28kg (35 reps in 1 min). There is not a pass / fail for these tests – your performance will be noted.

Candidates will be required to simulate under running a ladder by completing a seated shoulder press; the operational standard is 35kg but for recruitment the pass standard is 20kg. If you successfully complete 20kg you will be asked to attempt to shoulder press 35kg – your performance at this weight will be noted.

Grip strength is tested using a grip strength dynamometer.

Enclosed Space

Candidates put on a facemask with un-obscured vision although this will be in a dark environment.  They will make their way through a crawl and walkway. Once inside the crawl/walkway, they have their vision obscured and return to the start. This will test confidence, agility and stamina. 

Equipment Assembly

Candidates are given a demonstration of the test before having to assemble and disassemble a number of components to make an item of equipment which will test manual dexterity. 

Drill Ground Assessment

Candidates are required to complete a series of tasks that simulate firefighting activities such as carrying equipment, running out hose and casualty evacuation, within a set time. This is a test of physical fitness.